All ingredients in Harmonic Blends are natural and of the highest quality available. We use high cconcentrations of pure organic Argan oil in all our products.

Argan oil

Argan oil is made from the nut of the dramatically-shaped Argan tree (Argana spinosa), which only grows naturally in Morocco, in a hot and windy environment. Since it has excellent healing properties, it has been used for centuries by traditional Berber women for preventing stretch marks, reducing scar tissue, moisturizing dry skin, and to keep skin young and nourished. The precious nuts of the Argan have been traditionally hand-pressed by Berber women to release their oils. The process is time-consuming and demanding. It takes hours to create one liter of Argan oil (video link) for this reason, Argan oil is quite expensive. The European cosmetic industry has used Argan oil for over a decade. Recently “discovered” in the United States, it has become an immediate favorite, mostly for hair care. Now, Syllaya has developed a formula for the skin.

Nutrient rich, Argan oil is high in vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants shown to prevent free radical damage, the leading cause of aging in skin. Argan reduces irritation and inflammation, protects the skin from environmental factors, improves elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It regenerates the skin by restarting vital functions of cells to prevent early skin aging due to external stresses such as sun, weather, stress, and smoking. It is silky and smooth going on and is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin radiant and glowing.

Other ingredients

Hazelnut Oil 

This natural oil has a fine texture and is easily absorbed by the skin. It is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, making it emollient and effective in treating dry and dehydrated skin. It is also slightly astringent, helping to tighten the pores and to limit oil production.

Essential Oils 

Essential oils are concentrated aromatic liquids which are carefully and gently extracted from certain species of flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves, roots, and trees. Skin that has been treated with essential oils becomes stronger and more dynamic. The active ingredients in essential oils nourishes the deepest layer of the skin by encouraging (stimulating) the growth of new cells. Each essential oil contains specific healing properties. The oil itself rejuvenates the skin, while the scents impact how we feel. When used as part of a self-massage routine, essential oils are helpful for unblocking stagnant energies in both our emotional and physical bodies, healing us in both subtle and profound ways

Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E) 

This viscous oil is an anti-oxidant, which prevents damage from the sun. It helps soften and moisturize the skin and also functions as a natural preservative.