About Sylvie Delpy

An insatiable traveler, Sylvie Delpy has gathered divine beauty and wisdom from the four corners of the world to embrace it in a bottle . . . giving birth to Syllaya Skincare. .


"Beginning of the journey . . ."

Upon Sylvie's arrival into the USA from her native France, she found herself attracted to various healing arts. As she was deeply impacted by these practices, she noticed that yoga and meditation breathing techniques, along with the use of essential oils, assisted her in centering herself and finding inner peace. She was inspired to learn more. Over the next twenty years, she studied Yoga, Thai massage, and Shiatsu in California and Asia. After traveling in India, she became an apprentice of Yoga therapy, Ashtanga Yoga and Vipassana meditation. She learned Swedish massage, plantar and facial reflexology, Ayurvedic facial massage, as well as the healing properties of essential oils, and for years she experimented in creating mixtures dedicated to beauty and healing.

"The body is a temple of energies . . ."

It was while living in Marrakesh, Morocco that Sylvie discovered Argan oil, whose exceptional virtues of protection and nutrition fascinated her.  This powerful easily-absorbed oil was the gift which became the foundation of the harmonized serums she now calls Harmonic Blends.  In her formulas, she focuses on creating a product with powerful active ingredients which offer a synergy between exterior and interior beauty.

"Syllaya Skincare was born . . ."

The oil creation was named 'Syllaya" ( Syl from Sylvie and Laya meaning " to merge with the universe" in Sanskrit). She developed two distinct Harmonic Blends---- one for awakening (Morning Energizing) and one for relaxing (Night Soothing). She has also classified two ways to enjoy these products: for self-care, creating a unique sensory moment which brings equilibrium, awakening and rebalacing of the nervous system; and for therapists who use Syllaya Blends when doing treatments at spas and healing facilities.

Her interwoven interests in beauty, body care and creativity are the core values of Syllaya Boutique which now includes her most recent line of sophisticated gold jewelry with a vintage flair, accentuated with precious stones and uniquely delicate designs as well as one-of-a-kind pieces.

Expressing her own unique femininity through both skincare and jewelry lines, Sylvie has perfected the art of being a woman.