As the Syllaya Oils collaborate with the Body’s Natural Wisdom, we invite you to partake in a journey to your very own Soul by creating a Conscious ritual. The regular practice of ritual with our oils may be the vehicle which brings you into the experience of your own Self-Awareness. 

By utilizing these Self-Healing rituals, this practice may become the most beneficial healing agent for your well-being. This offers a way of diving deep within your own Essence where your personal miracles are expressed.

Our belief is that the foundation of support for personal growth begins with setting a Conscious Intention.

As you set your Intention with the scent of the oils, throughout the day the scent may trigger your Awareness, which assists in reminding you of the intentions that you previously set for yourself.

As you set your Intention, you may inquire, What is my goal?  What do I need in my life to feel more complete?  Only You can do this, as only You know what you need.

Stop . . . Breathe Deeply . . . Listen . . .

How do you feel in this moment?  What are you choosing to create for your day?  Take time with yourself.
Be completely present, listen to your feelings. What is going on right now? What do you need right now? The intention will come from your Heart.


Yoga Ritual

The importance of physically embracing your well-being may be found in the regular practice of Yoga. 

As you place the oil on the activation points of your body; inner elbows, wrists, and/or behind ear lobes, the perspiration expelled during your yoga practice, elevates the potency of the oil’s scent. 

Again, the scent sends out subtle reminders to your body of the intentions you have set, as well as enables you to more easily center and ground yourself.

Self-Massage Ritual

Another way of setting an intention to support your personal growth is through Self-Massage.  You may begin by lighting a candle to keep near you.  Place a small amount of easily absorbed oil into the palm of one hand.  Rub your hands together to fully release the scents.  Cup your hands in front of your face, close your eyes, and breathe deeply while focusing on your intention.  Massage your abdomen in a clockwise circular motion 3 times.  Keep your hand in place for 30 seconds while breathing deeply.  Repeat on the Solar Plexus and the Heart Center.  Lightly stroke both hands up the midline of the body from the abdomen to the crown of the head, 2-3 times.

Clearing Ritual

Clearing the Energy field of your Aura is an important completion in your process of Self-Healing.

Past ailments, emotional pain, and trauma may unconsciously remain within your energy field long after your Conscious mind has “let it go.” This clearing once again may be accomplished with the power of Conscious Intent.

Rubbing a small amount of the oil in the palm of your hands, inhale its scent.  After gently applying it over the skin, close your eyes and sit quietly. As you experience the oil on your skin’s shield radiating outward into your auric field, notice which parts of your body are in need of nourishment.  As you become aware of what this may be for you, consciously re-create and observe a clearing and cleansing of your auric energy body as well as your physical body.  As the Syllaya scent becomes alive, observe the clearing of any previous or current hindrances to your well-being.....this will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

The enlivened scent works on your mood levels as well. To reconnect with the intentions and clearings that you have set, apply another drop of oil at your discretion any time throughout the day. The scent of the oil will activate your memory of the intentions.