I was first struck by the beauty of the bottles and how wonderfully they deliver the oil, no messes! Then the scent . . . Heavenly!  I shared Sylvie's oils with a group of women and every one of them "Ooooed" & Awwwwed" at the scents. We all anointed ourselves before meditating together and noted that we didn't feel greasy. This simple sharing with sisters created the perfect atmosphere for relaxing into feeling luscious. Thank you Sylvie!

 - Saida Désilets, PhD Author of The Emergence of the Sensual Woman



“I love the lightness of Syllaya Oils. They soak into my skin quickly and yet have a long-lasting effect. After use, my skin feels deeply nourished and moisturized for the rest of the day or night. The aroma is intoxicating. I feel like a Queen when I use this product because I recognize its quality and associate Syllaya with nurturing and loving myself on a deep level. Often, the last thing I do before I leave the house in the morning is to rub Syllaya Oils onto my face and hands. Then I affirm that I am going to move through my day with calmness and grace, expressing inner peace wherever I go. I also love using this at night before bedtime. I highly recommend this product."

 - Tricia Clark-McDowell, Cortesia Sanctuary in Eugene, Oregon



“For the past 4 years I have spent a lot of my time living on the edge of the Great Sand Sea in the Egyptian Oasis of Siwa. Being a 50ish aged American woman with already dry skin, the desert heat and winds really took it's toll on my skin. Yet when I tried Syllaya Harmonic Blends I was amazed at how quickly my skin responded to this product. The lines around my mouth and on my cheeks are considerably less. My skin feels well hydrated and looks years younger.  I wholeheartedly recommend Syllaya Harmonic Blends!"

- Joanie Proctor



“Did you know that genetics only determines about 20% of how skin changes over the years?
The rest is affected by our daily habits.
  I love this Argan skincare line, especially the evening soothing Harmonic Blend. The fragrance drew me in but the additional ritual of using the oil has deepened the overall benefit. For over 2 years my skin and well being has been enriched, smoothed and nourished by these lovely products. I highly recommend trying them!"

- Maura Egan, Registered Nurse



“I love the product. I have been using it every night before I go to bed. I love the consistency, the texture of the product. It has a oil consistency but doesn't feel oily at all. I love it!  Thank you!"

- Marla Norton, Stage Actress


"Every morning I look forward to using the Syllaya morning oil.  I spray rose water on my face and neck and apply just 2 - 3 drops of the oil and feel not only that my skin loves it, but the scent makes me feel alive, nourished and pampered. The scent is one of the most wonderful scents I have ever smelled and it makes me joyful and stimulated. I cup my hands after applying the oil to my face and neck and suck in the scent from my cupped hands.  Sometimes I put a drop under my nose, because I can't get enough of it!"

- Shanti Shivani, Singer of Sacred Music,

Teacher of Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound



"I use the Syllaya oils in the morning and at night before bed. I apply a few soothing drops to my heart, wrists and face . . . and set an intention to be present in each moment, and to choose love over outcome.

As each day goes by using the oils, I find that I can more quickly return to the present when I smell the familiar aromas, that I can immediately choose curiosity and openness over judgment. The oil is a loving, nourishing tool to help keep me on my path remembering what's most important!" 

Justyn Livingston, Artisan tile



"As a yoga teacher, I try not to wear scents that are too strong, in case I have students who are allergic or sensitive to fragrances. But Syllaya's intoxicating blends are subtle and balanced, not overpowering.  To energize myself for teaching, I usually wear the Morning Blend.  I roll it on about 15 minutes prior to my class, and the lingering essence continues to invigorate me as I move throughout the room.  I often dab on the Evening Blend just before bed to help me relax and unwind.  I love the way I feel when I wear the Syllaya oil blends:  sensual, confident, graceful, beautiful!  These are amazing products!"

- Jean Nelson, Yoga Instructor